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The Best & Top Areas To Buy Apartment in Lahore.

The Changing Landscape of Lahore’s Real Estate.

In recent years, Lahore’s real estate landscape has undergone a significant transformation. Traditionally, residents in this vibrant city preferred detached, independent homes that they either inherited or acquired. However, the rising population has brought about accommodation challenges, and looking Top Areas to buy Apartment in Lahore. leading Lahore to follow the trend of other populous cities and embrace vertical living.

This shift has given rise to numerous high-rise residential towers, signaling a substantial cultural change as more young people opt for apartment living over houses or plots.

Shifting Preferences in Lahore’s Housing Market.

Several factors have driven these changing preferences. First and foremost, the escalating prices of real estate in Lahore have played a crucial role. Many now find it more cost-effective to buy and maintain an apartment, making it a logical choice.

Additionally, investing in constructed properties such as apartments offers better protection against inflation and promises higher returns on investment compared to plots.

Top Areas for Apartment Buyers in Lahore.

Let’s explore the top areas for buying apartments in Lahore.

DHA Lahore – The Pinnacle of Luxury Living.

DHA Lahore stands out as one of the most popular areas for investing in apartments. Its high-end residential enclave enjoys the top spot on the list, thanks to its robust infrastructure and a wide range of modern amenities that ensure a high-quality lifestyle.

DHA Lahore’s Prime Location and Amenities.

DHA Lahore’s strategic location near Lahore Ring Road and its meticulously planned layout make it a preferred choice for investors and genuine buyers. It features ultramodern apartment complexes, green spaces, wide boulevards, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, recreational spaces, banks, commercial areas, restaurants, and more.

The Phases of DHA Lahore.

DHA Lahore divides into multiple phases, with Phases 1 to 4 situated near Main Boulevard. Phases 5 and 6 are well-developed and thoughtfully designed neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, DHA Phase 7 locates near Barki Road and Bedian Road, and Phase 8 sits opposite Allama Iqbal International Airport. DHA Phase 9 strategically subdivides into Phase 9 Prism and Phase 9 Town.

Pricing in DHA Lahore.

Concerning buying flats in DHA Lahore, Phase 6, Phase 5, Phase 7, Phase 9 Town, and Phase 8 are the most sought-after areas. Prices for 1-bedroom apartments range from PKR 1.4 crore to 2.5 crore on average, while 2-bedroom units cost between PKR 1.1 crore and 4 crore.

The starting range for 1-bedroom flats is slightly higher due to the predominance of larger residences in older projects.

Bahria Town Lahore – A Gated Paradise.

Following closely behind DHA Lahore in popularity is Bahria Town Lahore, a meticulously designed gated community with excellent infrastructure and a thriving real estate market.

Bahria Town’s Strategic Location and Features.

Bahria Town Lahore situates on the outskirts of the city, near Thokar Niaz Baig, offering easy access to main arteries like Raiwind Road, Canal Bank Road, and Multan Road.

It boasts Sectors A to F, an Overseas Enclave, and various blocks with a wide range of residential and commercial properties.

The Sectors of Bahria Town Lahore.

Sector C, Sector E, Sector B, Overseas Enclave, and Sector D are the most sought-after locales for buying flats in Bahria Town Lahore.

Pricing in Bahria Town Lahore.

For 1-bedroom units, prices typically range from PKR 22.5 lakh to PKR 95 lakh, while 2-bedroom apartments cost between PKR 60 lakh to PKR 1.4 crore. 3-bedroom flats in Bahria Town Lahore are priced at PKR 1.3 crore or higher.

Askari Housing Society – Safe and Exclusive.

If you are on the hunt for apartments for sale in Lahore, investing in Askari Housing Society could be a profitable decision. It is one of the most affluent residential enclaves in Lahore with multiple well-developed phases located in different areas.

Askari Housing Society’s Desirable Phases.

Notable phases include Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Askari 5, Askari 8, Askari 9, Phase 10, and Phase 11. These phases offer residents access to major parts of the city through a network of thoroughfares and feature renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, and recreational spaces.

The Appeal of Askari Housing Society.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, Askari Housing Society also provides its residents with a safe and secure environment combined with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Although it was initially established to serve retired and serving Pakistan Army officers and their families. Civilians are also allowed to buy property and live here.

Pricing in Askari Housing Society.

The price of 3-bedroom apartments in Askari ranges from PKR 2 crore to 4 crore on average. While 4-bedroom apartments start from around PKR 2.7 crore.

Johar Town -Top Areas To Buy Apartment in Lahore Where Convenience Meets Quality.

Johar Town, a fully-developed residential society located along Canal Bank. Offers a high-quality lifestyle and proximity to various key areas in Lahore. It is divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2.Each featuring multiple blocks and boasting access to top-notch amenities and landmarks.

Johar Town’s Amenities and Landmarks.

The dwellers of this high-end neighborhood enjoy a high-quality lifestyle. With easy access to landmarks like Emporium Mall, Expo Centre Lahore, LDA Sports Complex, and healthcare facilities.

Phases of Johar Town.

Phase 2 of Johar Town is slightly more popular than Phase 1 for buying apartments.

Pricing in Johar Town.

1-bedroom apartments in Johar Town typically cost between PKR 34 lakh and 1.04 crore. While 2-bedroom flats range from PKR 85 lakh to 1.9 crore.

Raiwind Road – A Rising Star.

Surrounded by lush green natural beauty and sustainable infrastructure. Raiwind Road has become the latest hotspot for state-of-the-art vertical developments in Lahore.

Raiwind Road’s Serene Appeal.

The area is situated a short distance from the city center. Its a City Top Areas To Buy Apartment in Lahore. Offering a serene and healthy lifestyle while ensuring easy access to prominent landmarks, facilities, commercial centers, and residential communities. Including Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Orchard, and Fazaia Housing Scheme.

Notable Areas on Raiwind Road.

Notable areas for buying flats on Raiwind Road include Lake City, Al-Kabir Town, Etihad Town Lahore, AWT Army Welfare Trust, and Icon Valley Phase 1.

Pricing on Raiwind Road.

1-bedroom apartments on Raiwind Road come with a price tag of PKR 41 lakh on average and go up to 1 crore. Meanwhile, 2-bed units in the locality cost between PKR 50 lakh and 2.3 crore. 3-bedroom flats typically start around PKR 99 lakh.


In conclusion, these Top Areas To Buy Apartment in Lahore. Offer excellent opportunities for buying flats in Lahore. Catering to various preferences and budgets. It’s essential to research thoroughly and consult with real estate experts to make informed investment decisions in this dynamic market.

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