Here’s a table of Peshawar postal codes along with their corresponding area names

This section has the latest Peshawar postal codes

When sending a letter or package via the national postal service or a private courier, you must write the recipient’s postcode after their address. Writing down the exact number sequence may seem like an extra effort, but it can help your mail reach its intended recipient.

We have already included the postal codes of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Quetta, so we should write down Peshawar’s for your convenience.

Area NamePostal Code
Badhber PAF Camp24830
Bara Fort24800
Daud Zai24400
Hayatabad Phase I25100
Hayatabad Phase II25124
Landi Arbab25220
Landi Kotal24740
Mashoo Khel24810
Musa Zai24360
Nasir Bagh24700
Pak Forest Institute Peshawar25130
Pakha Ghulam24370
Peshawar CT Training School25160
Peshawar Education Board25110
Peshawar Gpo25000
Peshawar Industrial Estate24720
Peshawar Poly-Technical College25210
Peshawar University25120
Sakhi Chashma25170
Sar Band25230
Tehkal Bala25140
Tehkal Payan25150
Warsak Colony24680
Yaka Toot25200

The seemingly small effort of including a postal code in your address can make a significant difference in the efficient and reliable delivery of your mail and packages. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure that your correspondence reaches its intended destination without unnecessary delays or complications.

So, the next time you’re sending a letter or package, don’t forget to write down the postal code—it’s a small step that can make a big difference in the world of mail delivery.

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