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Pakistan Post Office Overview: Connecting the Nation

Exploring Pakistan Post Office’s Vital Role in the Nation’s Communications


The Pakistan Post Office Overview offers a comprehensive insight into this essential institution that has been connecting the nation since Pakistan’s independence in 1947. This article delves into the history, the multifaceted roles, the expansive network of offices, and the myriad services that make Pakistan Post a cornerstone of communication within the country.

History of Pakistan Post Office

Pakistan Post

A Historical Institution

The Pakistan Post Office, one of the oldest government-run departments, commenced its operations as part of the Department of Post & Telegraph immediately after Pakistan’s independence. In 1962, it gained independence as a separate entity, operating under the Ministry of Communications. Initially comprising a small network of just over 3,000 post offices, Pakistan Post has since expanded to encompass more than 13,000 post offices nationwide. With nearly 50,000 dedicated employees, the institution works tirelessly to ensure that letters and parcels reach their destinations on time.

Role of Pakistan Post Office

Beyond Mail Delivery

While the core function of the Pakistan Post Office remains postal services, it has evolved over the years, diversifying its roles and services. At its heart, it is a reliable postal service, handling both domestic and international mail. However, it also plays a crucial role as a government agency, aiding in the collection of taxes and utility bill payments. Additionally, Pakistan Post offers financial services such as Postal Life Insurance and Pakistan Post Savings Bank.

Location of Pakistan Post’s Offices

Extensive Network Nationwide

With an extensive network of post offices, General Post Offices (GPOs), District Mail Offices, and Exchange Offices located across the country, the Pakistan Post ensures that messages and parcels can reach even the most remote areas. While they operate from numerous locations, the primary offices are in Lahore and Islamabad.

  • Head Office Address: 36-Constitution Avenue, Opp. Supreme Court, G-5/2, Islamabad.
  • Official Contact Number: 051-111-111-117 and 051-8487080
  • Email Address: customercare@pakpost.gov.pk
  • Operating Hours: 9 am to 4 pm on all working days

Services Offered by Pakistan Post Office

More Than Just Mail

The Pakistan Post Office goes beyond traditional postal services, offering a wide array of public services to the citizens. These services include:

Efficient Mail Delivery with Postal Codes

In Pakistan, postal codes, introduced in 1988, are five-digit identifiers that enhance the efficiency of sorting and delivering mail and packages. These codes, also known as postcodes or ZIP codes, ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

Postal Services

  • Domestic Services: Handling letters, postcards, printed documents, textbooks, registered letters, and parcels. They also offer free transmission of braille literature for the visually impaired.
  • International Services: Sending parcels and paper mail worldwide.
  • Express Mail: A fast, international delivery service for items up to 30 kilograms.

Financial Services

Pakistan Post Overview
  • Western Union Money Transfer: The partnership with Western Union enables international money transfers, along with pension payments and traditional banking services through the Pakistan Post Savings Bank.

Tracking Services

Pakistan Post offers two convenient ways to track parcels and mail:

Pakistan Post
  • Express Mail Track & Trace System (EMTTS): Access tracking information by entering your tracking ID on the EMTTS website.
  • Android App: Utilize the Pakistan Post’s Android app for a similar tracking experience on your mobile device.

In conclusion, the Pakistan Post Office serves as a vital communication link in the nation, facilitating both personal and government communications. With its extensive network and diverse services, it continues to evolve and play a crucial role in the lives of Pakistan’s citizens, bridging gaps, and enabling efficient communication and transactions throughout the country.


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