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Do Pakistan Post or private courier mail and parcels have a five-digit code at the end of the address? This sequence is your town’s postal code. Larger cities have many postal codes for accurate and fast mail delivery. In Lahore postal codes vary by area, making parcel sorting at the post office easier.

This list of Lahore postal codes might help you decide what to put in the ZIP code field if you’re shipping to the City of Gardens.

List Of Lahore postal codes for various areas

Area NamePostal Code
Bata Pur53400
CMA Cantt. Lahore54800
Ferozepur Road Lahore54600
Gulberg Colony54660
Kahna Nau53100
Lahore Cantt. GPO54810
Lahore Defence Housing Society54792
Lahore Ismail Nagar54760
Model Town Lahore54700
Township Sector A-1 Lahore54770
Aitchison College54030
Awan Colony54780
Bahria Town53720
Chah Miran54900
Kohinoor Energy55160
Lahore Iqbal Town54570
Lahore EME Society PO53710
Lahore Engineering University54890
Lahore GPO54000
Lahore Multan Road54500
Lahore New University Campus54590
Lahore PMG Punjab Post Office54560
Lahore P&T Audit54550
Lahore Punjab Governor House54880
Lahore Secondary Board54650
Lahore Shadman Women Model PO54610
Manga Mandi55270
Thokar Niaz Beg53700
Shah Alam Market54100
Shahdara Bagh54950
Shahi Mohallah54110
Timber Market54120

These Lahore postal codes are essential for accurate mail and package delivery in Lahore. Ensuring that correspondence reaches its intended destination promptly. Lahore’s diverse neighborhoods each have their unique postal code. Simplifying the process of sending and receiving mail throughout the city.

The Lahore postcode list is complete. Visit our Pakistan Post Office guide for more postal service information. The entire Karachi and Islamabad postal code lists are also available.

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