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The well-organized postal code system in Islamabad. Islamabad postal codes Like any other metropolitan area, facilitates the efficient delivery of mail and packages. This system meticulously structures postal codes to pinpoint specific addresses within the city. Enabling postal services to navigate the sprawling capital. Swiftly deliver correspondence and parcels to their intended destinations. This systematic approach aids postal workers in their daily operations. And simplifies the lives of residents and businesses. Allowing them to accurately and promptly send and receive mail. Contributing to the overall efficiency of the city’s communication and logistics infrastructure.

List of Islamabad postal codes:

AreaPostal Code
Ali Pur Frash45600
Bhara Kahu45400
Islamabad Aiwan-e-Saddar44040
Allama Iqbal Open University44310
Islamabad B-Block Pak Secretariat44020
Islamabad Cabinet Block44030
Islamabad E-9 (Air HQ)44230
F-7 Markaz44210
F-8 Markaz44220
Islamabad Federal Board44320
Islamabad GPO44000
G-10 Markaz44100
Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office44050
G-8 Markaz44080
G-9 Markaz44090
Islamabad Hajj Complex45210
I-10 Markaz44800
Islamabad National Health Laboratories45500
Islamabad Prime Minister Secretariat44010
Quaid-e-Azam University45320
Lohi Bher45710
Mara Jaffar45250
Model Town Humak45700
Noorpur Shahan45300
Pakistan Town (Korang Town)45720
Rawal Town45510
Shah Allah Ditta45220
Tarlai Kalan45550

This table provides a quick reference to the postal codes for various areas in Islamabad, helping individuals and businesses send and receive mail and packages efficiently.

We have completed the list of Islamabad postcodes. Be sure to explore our Pakistan Post Office guide for additional information about the postal service in the country. Furthermore, you can also access the comprehensive lists of postal codes for Karachi and Lahore.

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