dha islamabad
dha islamabad

DHA Islamabad: A Great Place to Live

DHA Overview: A Special Place

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi stands out as a unique region in the twin cities, offering fantastic homes, apartments with excellent comforts, and a peaceful atmosphere. DHA provides a comprehensive environment for living, working, and recreation, ensuring that residents have everything they need for a high-quality life.

Looking Ahead

At DHA, we prioritize making people happy and taking care of them. We understand how to create a special neighborhood with all the good things you need, and we are growing rapidly to meet your needs.

Phase I: Great Living

Residents here enjoy a modern way of life that is unique to DHA, combining natural beauty with urban comforts. DHA Phase I provides a picturesque location with beautiful houses and breathtaking mountain views.

A Peaceful Neighborhood: Phase II

Situated between two major roads, DHA Phase II is a fully developed area where numerous families have made their home. It’s known for its tranquility, safety, and the convenience of finding all necessary amenities within the community.

Special Place in Potohar: Phase III

Strategically located DHA Phase III is strategically located in the scenic Potohar Region. It boasts well-planned homes and retail spaces, along with remarkable attractions such as a golf course, theme park, and a serene lake. Development in this phase began in 2017, and it’s progressing splendidly.

Nature’s Beauty: Phase IV

It is adjacent to orchards and a river, and we’ve taken great care in its planning to ensure that every resident enjoys a beautiful living environment.DHA Phase IV is nestled amidst hills and offers breathtaking natural views.

Beautiful Views: Phase V

Originally known as Commoner’s Town, DHA Phase V is a substantial area along the main road. It is easily accessible from two different roads and features incredible views and natural beauty.

Big Plans: Phase VI (Ex Phase – II Extn)

We’re continuously improving and expanding, with special areas designed to cater to international residents, including an Overseas Sector. Additionally, a well-planned road network is being established to enhance connectivity.DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase VI, initiated in 2005, covers an extensive area.

DHA Valley: Changing the Land

DHA Valley, established in 2008 and adjacent to DHA Phase II Extension, is undergoing significant land development. Residents in this area will enjoy exclusive access to facilities such as a grand mosque, golf course, theme park, and a club.

The OJRM Touch: Famous Planners

We’re working on a special road project that will connect Islamabad Highway to DHA Valley, making transportation more convenient for residents. This ensures that those living in DHA Valley have access to essential amenities, including a grand mosque, a golf course, a theme park, and a club.

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